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Gastric Bypass And Surgeries

Dangerous weight loss surgeries: gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, vagal blockade, biliopancreatic diversion, or gastric balloon. Bariatric surgeries have terrible health implications and don’t really cause you to change to a healthy lifestyle.
Weight Loss Surgeries Compared by Don Juravin

Weight Loss Surgeries Comparison

180,000 bariatric surgeries are completed every year, in America alone. The five most common bariatric surgeries include gastric bypass surgery, laparoscopic gastric band (aka Lap band), sleeve gastrectomy (aka Gastric sleeve), sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch, and vertical banded gastroplasty (aka Stomach stapling). 

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The Hidden Dangers of Bariatric Surgeries

There is limited statistical information about the dangers of bariatric surgery. Patients, therefore, undergo surgery without being aware or fully understanding the life-threatening risks involved. Every patient needs to know what their risks are, the severe, ongoing complications suffered post-surgery, and most importantly, that there are alternatives to bariatric surgery.

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