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What is BLESSED "Willpower Red" Made of?

Willpower Red - Blessed supplement - GLOBESITY FOUNDATION solution for obesity

White Willow Bark Extract

  • Salix alba. L (aka White Willow Bark, active ingredient: Salicin) is a weight loss ingredient obtained from the bark of white willow and has anti-inflammatory actions which reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes (Harbourne 2009).
  • Salix alba. L decreases weight by inhibiting the inflammation of adipocytes and release of fatty acids (Shara 2015, Stohs 2012).
  • Salix alba. L increases the secretion of insulin, prevents pathological inflammatory responses that increase insulin resistance and protects the pancreas from inflammatory responses providing a better glycemic control that decrease cravings and promotes weight loss (Baron 1982, Shoelson 2012, Lontchi-Yimagou 2013).
  • Salix alba. L reduces cravings by improving glycemic control and increasing brain tryptophan and serotonin (Stohs 2012, Tagliamonte 1973).

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium (aka Bitter Orange, active ingredient: Synephrine) is a natural supplement containing flavonoids, essential oils and glycosides, which stimulate lipolysis and increase resting metabolic rate (Preuss 2002).

  • Citrus aurantium increases the thermic effect of food by 29% in women (Gougeon 2005). The thermic effect burns additional calories for digestion and improves the satiating effect of food (Crovetti 1998).
  • Citrus aurantium supplementation increases epinephrine stimulation by 240% (Gougeon 2005). Epinephrine increases fat breakdown and promotes carbohydrate metabolism resulting in weight loss (Leboeuf 1959).
  • Citrus aurantium has essential oils that increase the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine, resulting in decreased stress and anxiety-related cravings for sweet and sugary foods (Carvalho-Freitas 2002, Setzer 2009).
  • Citrus aurantium decreases cravings by inhibiting the synthesis of ghrelin and improving the sensitivity to and secretion of postprandial insulin (Sharma 2008).
  • Citrus aurantium protects the liver from oxidative stress resulting in improved glucose metabolism, glycemic control, and decreased cravings (Astell 2013, Kim 2012, Jiao 2007).

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