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FAQ GLOBESITY foundation

1. We don’t count calories in the Healthy Weight Bootcamp. We’re about lifestyle change to become healthy. Losing weight is a side effect of becoming healthy.
2. You are to ignore calories altogether. Calories are the wrong measurement of fat. The right one is ATP which is not available.
3. You are to seek healthy food only and ignore calorie count. For example, avocado and nuts are calorie-rich and are healthy so you may eat as you wish.
3. You are to avoid junk food, fried/greasy foods, fruit juices (which only contain lots of sugar), and dairy which makes you fat like… a cow because milk is intended to make the calf grow from 50 to 500 lbs.

Only two: 4 hrs after you wake up and 4 hrs before bedtime.

When you follow the bootcamp RULES bit.ly/G-RULES and switch to a healthy lifestyle you should see results from day one. Losing weight is a “side effect” of becoming healthy. We seem to be doing very well with it.

We recorded members losing about 0.75% a day of their body fat but each person is very different. If you are just looking for weight loss without changing a lifestyle, this may not be your program. Otherwise, take the obesity detector to detect the causes of your obesity bit.ly/NEW-ME

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