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SUCCESS - Amber has tried "all possible diets" and weight loss tricks. Only a healthy lifestyle was the answer.
AMBER NEALE lost 190 lbs in GLOBESITY HEALTHY WEIGHT BOOTCAMP (Team leader Don Juravin)

Health Issues: anxiety, depression, binge-eating disorder

Amber Neale spent most of her young-adult life in a pattern of losing weight on various diets and then gaining it all back. In January 2017, she hit 325 pounds—her second heaviest weight—and decided to seek treatment from a mental health professional to address her unhealthy eating habits.

“I realized I needed help when I found myself living the same dismal day over and over again—and food was my only oasis,” Neale said. “It took therapy to make me realize how awful my eating habits had become: I ate from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed.”

Once she dealt with her anxiety, depression, and binge-eating disorder, Neale was able to cut out fast food, reduce her portion sizes, and start exercising daily for 45 minutes. She lost 190 pounds in two years, and today, she says she takes things “one meal, or one moment, at a time.”

Disclaimer: This post is for inspiration reasons only and doesn’t reflect a member of GLOBESITY BOOTCAMP. No medical advice is given. Consult your doctor before taking any action that can impact your health.

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