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Pink Cravings Drink

Use the container “CRAVING” with the pink label. 

How to prepare the pink cravings drink?

  1. Prepare a bottle of water with enough room to shake the powder.
  2. Fill the yellow measuring spoon, close the lid, and pour it onto the water bottle.
  3. Shake very well and drink over the next 5 min.
  4. Drink the residual as well. Shake again to drink all the powder in the bottle. 
Can I prepare ahead and refrigerate?

The pink cravings powder clumps in the water within a few minutes and is not pleasant to drink.

I feel more energetic after drinking it

Members report that but there it is not an energy drink. It may be that the ingredients aid your body in balancing sugar levels or it’s the total effect of your body returning you favor for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Is there a difference between the regular and the blessed version?

Same ingredients. The blessed version empowers the believer in a higher power, according to science. Believers draw willpower and Holy Land Ministry supports the Bootcamp for a healthy lifestyle and better treating the body and receives a 10% donation.

Can I drink more than two a day?

You may drink a third bottle a day.

What are the side effects?

You can see the healthy natural ingredients of the PINK CRAVINGS DRINK


The food label on the blessed PINK CRAVINGS DRINK

Craving Life - Blessed supplement - GLOBESITY FOUNDATION solution for obesity

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