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Healthy Sleeping Rules

Healthy Sleeping Bootcamp RULES (by Don Juravin)

Authors: Marcus Free MD and Don Juravin (Don Karl Juravin).

Resting is crucial for you healthy lifestyle and members of  GLOBESITY Bootcamp when transforming to a Healthy Life and Weight.

How Long Should You Sleep?

You are expected to sleep 8 hours a day and no less than seven. Your greatest fat vanishing will occur during the eight hours of sleep.

How Much Weight Have I Lost In My Sleep?

sleep and lose weight

Members that follow all Bootcamp instructions should:

  1. Take your medication, supplements, and drink a bottle of water.
  2. Weigh yourself and write down.
  3. Good night.
  4. Good morning. Go to the bathroom and empty yourself. Weigh yourself.

How The Fat Had Left My Body?

When you follow bootcamp instructions, your body works at night to breathe out the fat: 84% of the fat you lost overnight will leave your body via your breathing (exhaling CO2) and 16% via urination and sweat (H2O).

What Is The Best Way To Sleep For Maximum Weight Loss?

Sleeping on your back will allow you to breathe easier and circulate the most air during your sleep. The more air you circulate the more potential fat you will be releasing, as you can learn from the video above.

What Else Should I Do Before I Fall Asleep?

Breathe 5 to 8 times as deep as you can, filling up your lungs as much as you can. You will inhale and hold it in for as long as you can. Count the seconds and try to improve from night tonight. When exhaling (releasing the air), you will do as slowly as you can.

Make sure you can breathe well at night so don’t wear a tight shirt or bra. Place a pillow under your legs to elevate them. It will force you to sleep on your back and help your blood circulation.


This research was sponsored by GLOBESITY FOUNDATION (nonprofit organization) and managed by Don Juravin. GLOBESITY Bootcamp for the obese is part of GLOBESITY FOUNDATION which helps obese with 70 to 400 lbs excess fat to adopt a healthy lifestyle and thereby achieve a healthy weight.

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