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Exercise is Fun

Unique exercise program for the obese

The Fat Shaker Exercise for the Obese

Full-body vibration for stimulation of the body muscles. GLOBESITY foundation research shows that, when done with proper instructions for the obese, it can simulate activity and exercise for a longer period of time without you losing your an alternative exercise modality for enhancing muscle activity, force, and power.The muscle performance benefit supposedly occurs via neurogenic potentiation involving spinal reflexes and muscle activation, which is based on the tonic vibration reflex.

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How Can Daily Activity Help Me?

Exercise To Fight Stress Eating

Exercise To Gain Energy

Must I Exercise?

Exercise is a must for all member of the GLOBESITY Bootcamp. Daily activity is your new healthy lifestyle. Without activity, it’s only a short term weight loss. A decrease in food consumption and supplements without exercise will not yield the desired results.