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Our research shows that dancing is the best activity for the obese and for the morbidly obese.
Dance Wildly in Private Bootcamp Exercise (by Don Juravin)

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The Dance Settings

Create a setting where you would “lose yourself” and submerge in a club-like atmosphere.

Best is with wireless headphones. Otherwise, anyway that you can listen to music is fine. Strong bass is better. The closer to a club atmosphere, the better.

It can be a closed room or even a big closet. It can be a basement.

How to Dance?

You will go wild. You don’t need anyone to critique you. You can do it alone or choose a youngster to dance with. If you have a partner that is not judgmental, that’s ok.

Obese dancer wanting healthy weight

What Is a Successful Dance Exercise?

  • A dance that gives you a good cardiovascular workout
  • You breathe heavily but you don’t want to stop
  • You feel uplifted and you feel good about life
  • You have moved your hips a lot
  • You have moved your hands up in the air and to the sides
  • Your entire body was active
  • You sweat and feel good about it
  • You want to rest and dance more

What music?

Any music that will make you move and feel good. You can start with slow music and continue, if you want, to more upbeat music.

How long should I dance?

Depends on the intensity of your dance. You should enjoy it so much that you will go for 15-30 min without noticing. When you feel out of breath, slow down but don’t stop.
Do it twice a day.

Can I listen to slow/relaxed music?

Only if you move your body in a stretchy way and breath deeply as you dance.

The science of dancing for your healthy weight

You involved almost all senses and your “loving life” hormones are awakening.


This research was sponsored by GLOBESITY FOUNDATION (nonprofit organization) and managed by Don Juravin. GLOBESITY Bootcamp for the obese is part of GLOBESITY FOUNDATION which helps obese with 70 to 400 lbs excess fat to adopt a healthy lifestyle and thereby achieve a healthy weight.

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