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The NATURAL MONASTIC FIBER OF EDEN is a unique combination of fibers with probiotic benefits. It is packed with soluble vitamins. It is like all the goodness of Eden and what Holy Land Ministry believes we meant to be eating for balanced nutrition.
Instructions: Red gel activator

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WORLD’s strongest combination of fibers, prebiotic and & 21 vitamins.

Supplement Facts

Natural Monastic Fiber of Eden -GLOBESITY FOUNDATION solution for obesity
What is the Red Gel made of?


The Monastic Fiber creates the “Red Gel” in the white container named “Activator”.

  1. Fill 3/4 of the Activator with room temperature water.
  2. Add one dose of the powder on top and immediately fasten tightly and shake vigorously (up/down, left/right) for a minute.
    The Red Gel is now activated.
  3. Repeat with all the containers you have in the package.
  4. Place in the refrigerator for the Red Gel to continue the thickening and activation process.

The ready Red Gel should sit for a minimum of 5 hours in the refrigerator. The Activators you prepare in advance are good for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. A ready and refrigerated Activator is still good for consumption at room temperature for up to 15 hours.

Monastic Fiber of Eden Red Gel Activator

This is a properly prepared Red Gel. Smooth and even. No clumps. Note that a properly prepared Red Gel is thick, unified, and doesn’t have clumps (clumps can make you choke, don’t consume.)

Bad Activator

See the clumps? Throw away. You can choke on the clumps. Not done correctly – should not be consumed


The activated Red Gel should be in the refrigerator. The mixture will be thick and cold.

Beginners should start swallowing a small spoonful of the mixture followed immediately by a sip of water. Take as much formula in each spoonful as you feel comfortable. Try to consume as much as you can, and then a bit more, so there isn’t any space left in your stomach. Preferably, you should consume the entire activator, until you reach goal 1 and even goal 2.

You may now have a cold or hot decaf drink with little to no calories. You should have NO HUNGER for the next 4 hours, which is when you will have your first calorie intake of the day.

Drink one bottle of water over the next 30 minutes.

When do I consume the rest of the Activator?

If any mixture was not consumed in the morning, it should be finished and consumed in the evening.

Can I consume more than one Activator a day?

Yes, if you drink plenty and if you don’t have any sensitivity or drug interaction.

What are the side effects?

1. If you don’t drink enough, you will be dehydrated and it will start with a headache.
2. If your body is not accustomed to the high quantity of concentrated fiber, you may have diarrhea which should pass after a few days of your body getting used to the Monastic Fiber. You may reduce the daily intake.
3. If you drink or eat soda, milk, or dairy, you may cancel the effect of the Red Gel and even have diarrhea. Avoid soda and dairy.

What should I avoid?

Any consumption of fried or greasy food can be counterproductive to the healthy process of the Monastic Fibers of Eden.
If you drink or eat soda, milk, or dairy, you may cancel the effect of the Red Gel and even have diarrhea. Avoid soda and dairy.

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