GLOBESITY FOUNDATION – My Healthy Weight Bootcamp

Don Juravin portrait

Don Juravin
Bootcamp Leader

Commencing mid Sep, 2020

GLOBESITY FOUNDATION is the home of the world’s only military-style bootcamp for a healthy life. Led by Don Juravin, an American entrepreneur who served in the Israeli military, the bootcamp embraces a tough love ideology that won’t accept slackers or the unmotivated.

Don Juravin preaches that there is a difference between being overweight and being fat. Juravin himself only trains fat people, not overweight people. Fat people see themselves as ugly. They want to get rid of the fat. They see the fat as weighing them down. Overweight people simply see themselves as maybe a little heavy, but they don’t want to change. They don’t care. To put them in a bootcamp is a set-up for failure.

The bootcamp is not run like a democracy. Members who complain about not being heard will be asked to leave. Only Juravin makes the rules. He only cares for one thing: that members achieve a healthy lifestyle. Nothing short of a healthy lifestyle. There will be no cheering or congratulating people who have lost some of their fat. In order to be a success, you must lose ALL of the fat.
Don Juravin fights with you for you. He doesn’t care about your feelings. He cares about your health. Like a good commander, he will go as far as he can to ensure your quality of life. The bootcamp is Juravin’s family. Every member is a family member who deserves to be fought for.

Posts in the bootcamp that do not serve the purposes of helping yourself and others are not welcome. People who look for pity or praise will not receive any. Happiness is only achieved when the goals set are achieved.
The bootcamp works just like the military. People’s minds are broken down in order to fit a schedule and a pattern. Participants are left with no choice but to obey, unless they want to leave.