GLOBESITY FOUNDATION – My Healthy Weight Bootcamp



Nonprofit Disbursement of Funds Disclosure

55% To serve the cause and benefiting members

  • Bootcamp leader
  • Two to four registered dietitians and nutritionists (RDN)
  • Coaches
  • Weight-Analysis
  • Research team
  • Group manager
  • Social media manager and artist
  • Cost of product, shipping, and handling
  • Rising awareness (advertising, etc.)
  • Creation of recipes

32% Fundraising and management

13% Administrative and office expenses

How do we measure GLOBESITY FOUNDATION’s success?

  1. By the number of people that become aware of the causes of their obesity (self-education via the Weight-Analysis).
  2. By the number of web pages visited on our site which made the world aware of more advanced methods of a healthy life.
  3. By the number of paid memberships.
  4. By the number of lbs lost in total and per member.
  5. By making the world aware of healthy cooking.
  6. By making doctors, dietitians, and health professionals aware of the science of weight reduction.
  7. By saving morbidly obese individuals from undergoing risky weight-loss surgeries.
  8. By raising awareness of obese individuals with research facts of weight loss supplements.  
  9. By warning the public about food label deceptions.