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Obesity seems to be the source of not only most of human diseases, but it greatly affects our quality of life and happiness.

Statement July 30, 2020

GLOBESITY FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization established to solve the world’s obesity crisis through the latest science, a military-style bootcamp, education, healthy eating, exercise, and coaching. We believe that healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy weight, greater happiness, longevity, and great financial savings that can be put towards better causes instead of junk food and medical bills. 

Global obesity causes heart disease, heart attacks, breast cancer, bowel cancer, diabetes, strokes, depression, low self-esteem, chronic fatigue, joint pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, asthma, metabolic syndrome, ovarian cancer, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), gallstones, osteoarthritis, infertility, liver disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, pregnancy complications, and an overall lowering of life expectancy by ten years. 

Food manufacturers are slowly poisoning us with hidden sugars and additives. The pharmaceutical companies reap the fruits of this poison. The hospitals and medical professionals also profit from human misery, brought on by the food companies. Their wealth is made on the backs of the working class. 

In order to create a better world where people live longer and have more money, global obesity must be conquered. The problem affects all aspects of a human’s existence: finances, happiness, intelligence, and families. 

We vow to help oppressed people by discovering the causes of their obesity and the ways they can fight it on their own while avoiding junk food, unhealthy drugs, and bariatric surgery.

Using the world’s most advanced Weight-Analysis, members are able to discover what foods and bad habits are contributing to their unhealthy lifestyle. The Weight-Analysis breaks down every decision made every day and shows members how much fat a simple can of soda can put on the human body. 

Through education, members will learn how to trade these habits for healthier ones that will help them live a long life. Access our easy recipes to learn how to eat better every day. Get tips on how to sleep better and live better. Learn how to manage your time each day more effectively. 

Obese people leave bad impressions on employers. An employer is more likely to hire someone if it appears that they lost a drastic amount of weight. An employer is less likely to hire someone who puts no effort into their appearance and makes a bad impression. Overall, obese people make far less than their peers. One study found that for every 20 pounds of extra weight, a person made $1,867 less in annual income. This means that because of obesity, the economy is losing billions in revenue. 

The GLOBESITY FOUNDATION seeks to stop all that by training people in a military-style Bootcamp for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll work to become a better person who is capable of living for others instead of drowning in misery. We must work together to break the chains of the cycle brought on by the food and pharmaceutical companies. 

People who are obese are not happy. Studies show that obesity prevents oxytocin and dopamine to be rushed to the brain. The weight also prevents the production of serotonin. Being obese affects your family members. If you aren’t providing the right amount of resources to feed your family, they are not stable. If you are too sad or not motivated enough to be with your family, then they also suffer. People who are obese have a 55 percent chance of developing depression. 

At the GLOBESITY FOUNDATION, dancing is the best form of exercise. Learn how to wildly dance in private or with your family members, sparking joy and health in your life. Overall, membership with the GLOBESITY FOUNDATION is the better, healthier choice for you. Let’s overthrow the tyranny of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry and reclaim our lives and our money back.