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Globesity Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity with mission-focused charitable, scientific & educational programs and studies designed to heal obesity globally by highlighting the role proper nutrients for balanced bodies (monastic medicine), education, coaching & self-awareness aimed at rapidly improving well being.


Our health professionals reviewed more than 10,000 clinicals, researches and articles to weed out weight loss supplements and methods fads. Health professionals, journalists and the public need to rely on the most effective methods, foods and supplements to FIGHT OBESITY, cravings, and diabetes.
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501(c)3 nonprofit organization

We believe in healthy lifestyle and monastic medicine. We provide the world with the most scientific and practical tools to FIGHT OBESITY, craving, and diabetes: individual obesity analyzer to assist health professionals; world’s largest research library; tough-love healthy weight bootcamp; coaching and education; healthy eating; education and convincing the public that healthy life is a cheaper and healthy weight is happier.

Our largest in the world scientific research of effective supplements and methods to FIGHT OBESITY, cravings, and diabetes is available to health professionals, diabetics, and obese people.

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You may think you’re an adult and that you can’t be told what to do. Yet, you’re here because you have not acted responsibly with your body and health.  That’s why you’re fat but you had the brains to join this military-style bootcamp and you’ve permitted us to take it from here. The kit is important but it’s only one part of the 10 life-changing bootcamp requirements.  Your body is a sophisticated weapon that requires compliance with all the 10 obligations to achieve the goal of a healthy lifestyle manifested by achieving your healthy weight.

17% of obese Americans desperately desire to fight their obesity and state: “electric shock me when I overeat”. GLOBESITY bootcamp is military style and it’s intended for those who feel that fat is unhealthy and ugly (the fat, not you). As a nonprofit, we aim to make it free but accountably post and paying is the initial indication of commitment which is a must. We promote a healthy lifestyle and the weight loss is merely a visual measurable effect to indicate your progress.

Obesity Analyzer

Use the analyzer to detect the causes of your own obesity. Share with your doctor, dietitian or fight your obesity on your own knowing what to tackle for the first time. Available free.

Coaching, Accountability, FollowUp

You must post an accountability post that will shame you if you don't succeed. We will use any psychological tactic to make you succeed. You'll be treated as a cadet. We coach but we don't motivate since we accept to our Bootcamp only the determined and are already motivated to live healthier and longer.


Paid members benefit from access to our dietitians from the orient for meal planning and support during fasting.

Military Style Bootcamp

Nothing short of a healthy weight. We congratulate ONLY when your healthy weight is achieved. We don't care that you have lost 100 lbs if you are still 60 lbs fat.

Bootcamp Kit

We follow monastic medicine where a well maintained and balanced body can cure itself.

Education & Courses

We teach healthy eating and how to read the food labels. We educate you to avoid food manufacturers' traps and to detect what's healthy and what's poisonous.

Medical Consultation

Members enjoy access to our medical doctor to provide a second opinion.

Group Success

Accountability post forces the cadet to be successful or be shames socially.

Higher Power Strength

Holy Land Ministry provides strength to believers who need it. Overcoming cravings can require all the strength in the world and beyond.

Fun Obese designed Exercise

Accountability post forces the cadet to be successful or be shames socially.

Food As Medicine

Our large research library will open your eyes to food as an alternative to drugs. Your doctor may like it. Many natural foods already contain the elements in the drug but don't have terrible side effects.

Financial & Social Rewards

Successful cadets are rewarded for posting health improvements and are offered to be paid coaches. 100% money back for achieving healthy weight and non for failure.

Helping Doctors & Dietitians

Professionals can help patients fight obesity with the latest science and clinical reviews.
Patients can use our world's most advanced Weight-Analysis to detect their causes of obesity and inform their doctor or dietitian to continue treatment.
Our online bootcamp can be very effective for patients ready for a massive change if they have the attitude of "I hate my fat" or "Electric shock me when I overeat".

Dr. Marcus Free is the foundation's medical director.

Weight Analysis
Detects Causes of Your Obesity

World's most advanced scientific obesity analysis.
You and your doctor can both learn the causes of your obesity. The world’s most advanced weight analysis can detect the bad choices that have made you fat.

How Do I Avoid The Risky Gastric Bypass or Bariatric Surgery?

Neither surgery nor supplement can provide quick weight loss that will last over time. Gastric sleeve or gastric bypass are invasive surgery with severe longterm consequences and pain that should be considered as a last resort often making you less healthy and still leaving you with the cravings that will not go away. Only a change of attitude and adopting our complete set of healthy life changes will help you live longer with lower medical bills.


You need all the strength in you to succeed because it's ridiculous for anyone else to motivate you to live longer and be healthier. We recognize that those who strongly believe in a higher power can achieve goals faster.

Strength and determination are essential in healthier life transformation choices and science proves that many who discovered support in higher power and spirituality have higher chance to succeed.

We donate 10% of the proceeds when you elect the Holy Land Ministry (religious organization with heritage 1,600 years) program.

Healthy Is Much Cheaper

Obese people pay on the average 81% more in medical costs than healthy weight Americans. Obese people tend to get lower paying jobs, limited to certain positions and miss more work days.

When our bootcamp lifestyle is adopted and results show, members can save thousands of Dollars and up to 50% on junk food, medical expenses, insurance or clothing